How to Run Oculus DK 1 build on DK2

Hello Everyone,

In this post, I would like to write about my experience when trying to run the Oculus build made with the Oculus 4.4 beta for Drift kit 2.

Recently, we got the DK2 to work with. Once downloaded the Unity plugin version 4.4, we started to port the old build that we had made for the DK1.

Everything went smooth when we ported the build except for some classes that were to be implemented again. But still got it to make an exe.

After quite some research and reading(which I dont like to do much!), we came to know that the DK2 has the main screen in the portrait mode and the DK1 had it in the landscape mode. So when we tried to plugin the DK2 and play it, it caused many more issues.

So for those who would like to port their build as it is, I have made a list of points which if you follow, will be able to run the build successfully:

Steps to replicate to run build with DK2:

1) Install the latest Runtime environment from the Developer Portal,
2) Connect DK2
3) Open the Rift Display Mode from the Oculus VR app,
4) Change the Display Mode to “Extend Desktop to the HMD”,
5) Uncheck DK1 Legacy App Support(for now),
Screen resolution settings:
1) Open the screen resolution dialog box,
2) Click on Detect button to detect the displays,
3) In the Multiple Displays drop-down, select : “Show desktop only on 2”,
4) Click Apply,
5) Select Screen 2, change the Orientation to Portrait,
6) Change the resolution to 1920×1080,
7) Click Apply.
Thats it!

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