Solving Application ID Verification Failed Error – iOS

This discussion is to share my knowledge on a very common issue which is not much discussed about. I would consider this to be an article than a discussion.

While working on iOS applications using AIR (Flash Builder 4.6 and above), there were quite a few times when I encountered this error.


How to diagnose this error:

1) If building on Flash Builder(debug mode with iOS device connected), it will pop-up as a dialog box saying ld64 error and title being Application ID Verrification Failed.

2) If you are successful in building the app, and try to install it using iTunes, the app wont install on the device and throw some error: “Application Installation Failed”


What Fails?



As per my research on this, I usually got this error when the Moile Provisioning Profile did not match the developer or distribution personal Information(p12) files.

in other words .p12 file not matching .mpp file.


Usually it very important for newbies(like me) to know:

1) Always use the iPhone Developer/Distribution p12 even when you are using APNS.




The second thing you would like to check is the WhateverAppName-app.xml file. The entitlements need to change when you use APNS in developer mode as compared to distribution mode.


I am writing the code down here, but you can directly copy and paste from the respective Mobile Provision File(Developer/Distribution).


For Developer:
















For Distribution change the :

development to production

true to false

and last <string> </string> tag to :



Thats where I always got an error with Application ID. It just means the code signing went wrong somewhere.


I shall be updating this whenever I come across any new findings related to this issue.

Please feel free to add in your suggestions.





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