The 3ds Max Ghost!

Recently, I got a call from one on my friends, saying that he had two instances of 3ds Max running on his system. This was pretty much fine until he explained:

one was opened by him and was visible as a prominent window with viewports, other was not visible at all. Rather was just showing up in the Task Manager under the PROCESSES tab.

We tried ending the process as well as ending the process tree, but after a while it just started running up again.

To add to this, it was not even running from his UserName. It was under the SYSTEM username. This bugged us some more.



We figured out that VRAY SPAWNER was running as a service. To close, services window was opened up and we searched for vrayspawner. The startup type was set to AUTOMATIC. We changed this to DISABLED.

The only problem with this was, 3ds Max was freezing with a simple scene. The CPU usage went high.

Once it was stopped, 3ds max started to run normally.


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