3ds Max to ThreeJS – Direct Export

In this post, I shall be showing a demo on how to use MaxScript to export out data directly from 3ds Max without converting to OBJ.

Firstly, please download the maxscript named : 3ds_ThreeJS_Exporter.mse from:


Then you can create some objects in 3ds Max. This exporter exports out multiple objects in multiple JSONs. This is a beta release of the Maxscript and features like Scene Export and Animation export shall soon be added.

Once you create objects inside 3ds Max, drag and drop the script in 3ds Max’s viewport. Following window opens up:




This gives you limited options as its under development. The first is the scale usually 1 works, but depends on the scene that you make using ThreeJS too.

Usually 3ds Max has the Z-Axis pointing upwards, so you would like to flip the axes to make the Y-Axis point upwards.

Select the objects you want to export and click on “Start Export”.

The exporter asks for a folder where you want the JSONs to be created. Once you provide the input folder, it will create ONE JSON per model. This exports out a lambert material with texture map, and more options to be added soon.

Please do get a copy of this and post crits/comments so that it helps in the development of the script.





3 thoughts on “3ds Max to ThreeJS – Direct Export

  1. There is already an exporter for max. It is in the utils/exporters/max folder of three.js. It works pretty well except it has a problem with smoothing groups. I think it needs to use ‘meshop.getFaceRNormals’ instead of ‘GetNormal’

    • Thank you for sharing the information. I think I should make it as an open source exporter. The only thing I want to share is how a simple exporter can be made 🙂

      Thanks once again.

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