Exporting OBJ to JSON

Today is my first post, so I will start by introducing a windows program which converts OBJ files exported from Maya/Sketchup/3ds Max (tried till now) to a JSON format supported by ThreeJS(version 3.1). So for those who have been using the super famous python script (made in 2.6) and are having problems in understanding how to use it, etc… I would like to introduce a simple way. Following image shows you the beta release of the exporter/converter.


So lets get started.

First download the files in the complete repository here:


This contains the converter, its image and do not forget to download the Newtonsoft files. Once they are downloaded, extract them in a folder.

Do keep the converter and dll file in the same folder of the converter to work.

Next, you can open the exporter and click on the “Get File” button to select the file you want to convert. I have provided an obj file of a cone object exported from 3ds Max. You can try using the same.

Once you select the file, the statistics appear in the table below the buttons.

You can then choose to save. The save button will create a new file from where the source file was picked up and add “_Converted.js” as a suffix. This is the file you can use with ThreeJS and export data to the web.

The converter is still under progress. Please do post in your crits/comments/issues as it shall help in the development process of the script.





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